"Puro Verde is blue agave gone green."

- Craig Reeves, Ambassador



Puro Verde Tequila

Our Craft

Purity, flavor and tradition are what guide us.

After harvest, our hand-selected piñas are traditionally baked in stone ovens, bringing out the agave’s natural sweetness and robust flavor. Sweet agave juice is then pressed from the baked piñas, filtered and fermented 100% naturally without added yeast, taking 7 – 10 days longer than enhanced fermentation. For added purity, Puro Verde is double distilled within stainless steel vats, and then clarified through cold filtration and layers of micron filters. Double distillation maintains the flavor profiles of the sweet agave without leaving a strong alcohol essence on the palate.

Finally, Puro Verde Tequilas are estate bottled using triple filtered well water that is sourced at the base of the Tequila Volcanic Mountain Range. Using purified spring water only enhances the sweet top notes of each variety.

Puro Verde Tequilas preserve the purity and tradition of crafting great tasting 100% Blue Agave tequila. Our complete green approach makes Puro Verde Naturally, the Best Tequila. 



Our Commitment

Green and organic from seed to sip, from plant to drink.

Puro Verde’s commitment to purity is priority making it naturally the best organic tequilas available.

Our tequilas are approved by the USDA and certified by BioAgriCert, both internationally recognized organizations and testaments to our dedication for the highest standards.

We are committed to the natural and eco-friendly cultivation and production of our premium organic tequilas. 

Puro Verde Tequilas reflect our sustainable, green commitment to do our part for the environment and provide naturally the highest quality products.

Puro Verde Tequila - Our Commitment