Puro Verde Organic Añejo

 Puro Verde Organic Añejo Tequila

Puro Verde Organic Añejo

Unblended and distinguished.

Puro Verde Organic Añejo is an unblended, smooth and distinguished organic 100% Blue Agave tequila.

Gently aged in oak bourbon barrels for 18 months, naturally, golden Puro Verde Añejo has a mellow yet light oak finish. Winning over the hearts of bourbon and scotch drinkers everywhere, our double distilled, all-natural Añejo is for savoring.

Single estate grown without pesticides, 100% naturally fermented without added yeast, estate-bottled Puro Verde is, naturally, the best tequila.




Golden honey


Floral, lingered fresh agave and spice


Vegetal notes of green bell pepper, clove, and a touch of oak with a clean finish

Ground to Mouth